Marc Flood, CIC, LUTCF March 27, 2017 3 min read

How to Get the Most out of your Safety Meetings

It is that time of year in the Construction world: time to hold annual Safety Meetings.  Prior to the spring start-up it is a great idea, and best practice, to get your team together and start the year off on the right foot.  Use this time to roll out any new policies and procedures you will be instituting.  Many companies also make annual adjustments to benefit programs and share those changes at this time. 

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These meetings are meant to set the stage for the rest of the year.  Most of all, they are a great opportunity to refocus everybody on our primary goal of working SAFELY.

Here are some tips for an effective Safety Meeting:

  • Hold the meeting in a quiet, comfortable, distraction free space with adequate facilities for your size of group.
  • Have a variety of speakers. Some suggestions are your Risk Control Specialist, Insurance Agent/Carrier, 401K Provider, and Equipment Sales/Manufacturer.
  • Take a break about every hour to refocus the group. This is a great time to switch speakers!
  • Use Power Point presentations to illustrate key points.
  • Encourage participation and questions.
  • Let your team know your expectations for the upcoming year. Review the types of jobs you have scheduled and what Safety Meetings/Toolbox Talks will be like going forward.

For the most part, everybody coming out of the winter has had some down time.  Having an effective Safety Meeting is a great way to get your team concentrating on the big picture moving forward.  With everybody puling in the same direction you will have a safer, more productive workforce!


Marc Flood, CIC, LUTCF

Marc has been a commercial agent with Hausmann-Johnson Insurance since 1995 and during that time he has enjoyed building strong relationships with clients. Through those relationships he also builds trust, which he recognizes as an important measurement of a successful agent. Marc also embraces being a problem-solver for clients who may be facing claims, coverage or premium related issues. Marc enjoys spending his free time with his family either at athletic events or on a boat at the lake. Giving back is also important to Marc as he actively volunteers with the Salvation Army, Operation Fresh Start, and the River Food Panty