Webinar: Employee Injury Claims 101

A Guide to Proactive Management and Resolution
Employee Injury Claims 101:

A Guide to Proactive Management and Resolution

Unlock the essentials of Claims Management with our upcoming webinar, led by Jason Hiller, a seasoned Claims Resolution Strategist specializing in Worker's Compensation.

Whether you're an HR professional stepping into a new role or someone who has taken on claims management responsibilities, this webinar is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive 101-level understanding.

This webinar will be recorded and anyone who registers for this webinar will be able to view the recording of the presentation as well as receive a copy of the presentation slides.

This webinar will discuss:

Introduction to Employee Injury Claims:

  • Importance of proactive claims management for workplace injuries.
  • Impact of effective claims handling on employee well-being and company reputation.

Initiating the Claims Process:

  • Step-by-step guide to initiating an injury claim.
  • Key information to gather incident details, witnesses, medical treatment.

Milestones in the Claims Process:

  • Overview of the major stages in a typical injury claim.
  • Reporting, investigation, medical evaluation, decision, and resolution.

Documentation and Communication:

  • The significance of accurate and timely documentation.
  • Communicating with the injured employee, witnesses, and relevant parties.

HR and Employer Perspective:

  • Role of HR and management in claims management.
  • Balancing employee support with company interests.
Jason Hiller Claims Resolution Strategist – Worker’s Compensation

Jason Hiller

Jason joined the team in 2022 as a Claims Resolution Strategist specializing in Worker’s Compensation. Before joining Hausmann Group, he was the Director of Safety & Compliance at a multi-state temporary staffing/recruiting, HR Consulting & PEO organization. His 15+ years of experience in workers’ compensation and return-to-work strategies has given him a knack for walking the tightrope between protecting the organization and doing what is right, while also treating employees with respect and empathy.  Workers’ compensation has always been one of Jason’s favorite focus areas, and he’s excited to bring his experience and knowledge to HG clients. Fun fact: He can come up with a light duty solution for (practically) any scenario.   

Jason thrives in a space where he is helping clients navigate the claims process and working toward favorable outcomes on all ends.  He appreciates being an extension of a client’s team by taking work off their plate to allow them to focus on their business and sleep better at night.   

Jason has been a volunteer with United Way of Dane County since 2008 and was one of the inaugural chairs of LEAD United (2020-2021) during the global pandemic. He currently serves on the New Business Development committee and works to assist organizations in fulfilling their corporate philanthropy and employee engagement strategies. He is also very passionate about Alzheimer’s Disease and has been a volunteer and advocate for the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association for several years.   

Personally, Jason enjoys cooking and bringing people together around food. If he’s not whipping up something in the kitchen, he is probably either spending time with his partner and their two Siberian huskies or traveling around the state to find the best thrift shops and antique stores. 


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