Leadership Series - The Profound Impact of Middle Managers on Office Culture

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Leadership Series

The Profound Impact of Middle Managers on Office Culture

Across all industries, middle managers have a unique position in the organizational structure of a company.  Beholden to the policies and procedures laid out by the executive leaders in their organization, they are also on the “front lines” with the associates on their teams, responsible for their teams’ morale and engagement.  It is precisely because of this intersection that middle managers have such a tremendous opportunity to play perhaps the most vital role in an organization.


This webinar will explore some ways that leaders at the executive level can support their middle managers as well as how middle managers can bring out the best in their teams.  We will also look at the ways in which middle managers can drive positive cultural changes throughout their organizations by making small changes in their day-to-day interactions.

Suzanne Templin Office Manager

Suzanne Templin

Suzanne joined Hausmann Group in 2013, as an Administrative Associate and was promoted to Office Manager after a year.  As the Office Manager, she does a little bit of everything around the office, but her true passion is leadership – from enhancing her own skills to teaching others, she finds the journey to becoming an excellent leader immensely gratifying.  Suzanne is inspired to come to work each day because she truly believes in the services HG provides. She feels a strong sense of ownership in and commitment to HG’s success because that success comes from protecting and supporting HG’s clients and the community.

Suzanne holds a bachelor degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in English and Gender & Women’s Studies and a master’s degree from DePaul University in English Language & Literature. 


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