Is a Captive Insurance Program Right for You?

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Is a Captive Insurance Program Right for You?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you have minimal claims, yet never get any credit in premium savings? Are you frustrated with the lack of control over claims management and risk control resources? 

If so, a Captive insurance program may be the alternative for your business.

This webinar is right for you if you pay more than $100,000 combined in worker's compensation, general liability, and auto insurance premiums.

The objective of this webinar is to learn:


  • What a captive is, how they're structured, eligibility, investment commitment, and how to join.
  • Benefits including reduced costs, greater stability, and potential return on your investment.
  • The flexibility that comes with an unbundled approach to insurance, claims, and risk control.

John X McHale Senior Vice President, Captive Resources

John X McHale, MBA

Mr. McHale oversees all aspects of a distributor owned group captive program and also assists with two multiple class group captives. Duties include reporting responsibility to the captive’s Board of Directors and oversight of the various service providers who assist these programs. He also conducts prospect development and provides assistance on risk control and financial activities to improve each member’s captive experience.

Since his joining of Captive Resources in 1999, the distributor captive has seen its overall premium growth increase seven fold to over $50 Million in premium with approximately 145 active members. The multi-class captive that he assist has also seen similar success and today is over $120 Million and 200 members. He is also active in a third start-up multi-class captive program less than 2 years old with $10 Million in premium and 40 members. These programs provide control to their members for all aspects of insurance with excellent dividend opportunities. They include coverage for Workers Compensation, General Liability and Automobile for clients who want better control of their insurance costs.


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