How to Establish a Successful Return-to-Work Program

On Demand Webinar
How to Establish a Successful

Return-to-Work Program

It is critical to have a  return-to-work program established in your business prior to experiencing a worker's compensation claim. Not only does it create a sense of trust for employees, but it helps your business save money on your overall worker's compensation program.

In this webinar we will discuss how to establish a strong return-to-work program and why it is so important. 

This includes:


  • Saving on production costs when employees are injured
  • Improving and maintaining employee morale
  • Establishing your company philosophy on injured workers
  • Creating a partnership with your Insurance Carrier
  • Assisting medical providers in their treatment plans for injured workers
  • Utilizing written job descriptions for medical providers giving out work restrictions, if needed
Peg Kramer Senior Claims Counselor

Peg Kramer, CPCU, AIC

Peg found her way to Hausmann Group in 2014 over a serendipitous lunch with a former coworker. She uses her 20+ years of experience in the claims field to be a champion for clients when they are faced with difficult situations.  Peg’s word is solid - she is tenacious and will go to great lengths to problem solve to provide the right answers.

Peg believes that Wisconsin has the fairest and most equitable workers compensation program in the nation for both the employee and the employer. She prides herself in educating clients on what their options are under the program and how to prevent accidents, work with injured workers, and save money doing it.


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