Manager of Property & Casualty Claims

According to Susan, communication and problem solving are two qualities that define a successful claims counselor – and she would know. With over 20 years of experience in managing claims, Susan prides herself on being able to guide clients of Hausmann Group through their most difficult claims-related situations. Her expertise allows her to take a complicated claim and break it down in to the salient points so that it is understandable for everyone.

Susan’s main area of talent is in workers’ compensation. Her timely and continuous monitoring of each claim, no matter how big or small, helps clients keep their workers’ compensation premiums to a minimum.

Susan has a B.S. in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Superior. One of her greatest passions is in gardening and creating a peaceful escape for both humans and animals on her property. Her favorite way to relax after a long day is to sit on her back porch and listen to the chirping of the birds and the humming of the bees.