But First… Let Me Take A Shelfie

So everyone has been banging on about taking ‘selfies’ for a while now and the word has even been added to the English dictionary, so what does it mean? Well if you have been living under a rock it is basically a term for when someone takes a photo of themselves. Moving on from the selfie however, we are a much bigger fan of the ‘shelfie’ and think it should be the next craze!


If you don’t know what a shelfie is then we will let you off a little, only awesome people know what this is! If you are into DIY, reading or love home decorating then you should get in on the shelfie act. All you need to do is take an awesome photo of your bookshelf (plus no posing, pouting or make up retouches necessary!).


We have been having a browse on one of our favourite social sites Twitter, and come across some fabulous shelfies that we want to share with you:

  • @EditorMark – this guy needs to work on building up his shelf for his shelfie.

  • @theoscake – we love the fact he has got his dog in on the shelfie action!

  • @TRESemmeUK – unique touch to the shelfie, very girly idea which we like


  • @BradWalsh – Selfie combined with a shelfie, this guy has practiced both for sure

  • @FFMtouya – Finally a geeky take on a shelfie, we love it

So are you going to go and take a shelfie now, surely those 5 are enough to convince you?! We have a few tips (as we are shelfie professionals of course) to prepare you – have some cool looking shelving, great collection of books and a fantastic angle, you want your shelfie to be appreciative of the angle, and then you are good to go!

Shelfie 6

Shelfie 7

So go take a #shelfie and tweet us @MyHausUK with the pic, we can’t wait to see them!

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