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Ahoy there MyHaus blog readers! You might be aware that for the past few weeks we’ve been running a lovely little competition aimed at helping out the destitute students of our this sceptered isle by shovelling a load of MyHaus vouchers their way simply for having a rubbish student house.

Well folks, the time has come for us to announce the winner and, more importantly, show the world what our downtrodden academics are having to call home! So here goes…

SortOutMyHaus Winner – @ChillyDebbie (Debbie Burfoot)


Debbie from Birmingham sent this in to us the other week as she set about the arduous task of removing a load of quite frankly awful wallpaper from her new student gaff. We’re not sure of the extent to which this ghastly covering is used throughout the place but at least all that scraping will have paid off when her new walls are complimented with all the ace stuff she can purchase from the MyHaus online store using the £200 voucher that’s heading her way!

We suppose the next question is though, ‘what to splash out on?’. Well, if it’s a funky lounge you’re after, you could do much worse than having a butchers at our cool  selection of wallpaper, and maybe some retro accessories. That said, if we’d have won, we’d probably have just used it on stuff for our own room (we’re a bit selfish like that you see).

Anyhoo, all that remains to be said is thanks to everyone who entered the comp and a big “Well Done!” to Debs. The giveaways don’t end here though – no sirree – so keep coming back to the MyHaus blog for more of the same (and a load of other useful interior design tips and whatnot) in the not too distant future.

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